Ray Richards is founder of Mindspan Consultants and a technology journalist hailing from Ottawa, Canada

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A Little About Me

It's always hard to write an blurb about oneself without sounding like you're reciting your resume (password required to view PDF). So, aside from the professional side (also somewhat detailed on the Media page) of Ray Richards, what is there?

Well, first off, I am interested in pretty much everything. If there's something I discover I'm ignorant of (and there's certainly a lot that falls into this category!), I do my best to at least learn the basics about it. There are, of course, exceptions to this — I'm not interested in

  • Celebrity culture
  • Reality television
  • Rap
  • Teeny-bopper pop (yes, you can get off my lawn now)
  • Puerile humour (ala Howard Stern etc.)

Hmmm... I had to stop myself there. Oh well, hey I said there were exceptions.

I am an avid photographer, and founded Ottawa Studios to further my photographic pursuits in the commercial realm, concentrating on corporate portraiture, travel, equine, and event photography. I have, published two coffee table books so far, and intend to create another this summer.

You can check out my portfolio at OttawaStudios.com, read the photography blog, or puruse my monthly column in TechKnow magazine, for which I am the photography and digital imaging columnist. (N.B. Techknow has since ceased operations and has subsequently removed all online content. Jan 2012)

I love kayaking, both whitewater and flat, owning a boat for each purpose. Unfortunately, I have gained a little weight over the winter and am going to have some difficulty squeezing into my whitewater boat — so I started a diet and exercise program l in an effort to combat this ridiculous situation. (Update: have lost 34 lbs so far!)

Another area in which I have a great deal of interest is music. As a composer, instrumentalist, and voracious consumer, I spend a significant amount of my free time engaged in musical pursuits. Though I haven't had the opportunity recently to work much on composition, the last things I wrote were my sister's wedding march (for 11 piece chamber orchestra), and a lullaby for my niece (solo piano & voice). I play classical guitar (well), piano (poorly), and violin (you definitely don't want to hear this).

As a single guy, I find myself primarily focused on work and friends, and count myself among the luckiest of people to have such a supportive family.