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When Advertising AI Goes Wrong

The other day I received a Facebook friend request from the brother of a former employer. Though I really had only met this guy once, and I figured my invitation was merely the result of an address book upload, I decided to accept his invitation as I seldom burn bridges — regardless of how tenuous they may be... continued on blog

New Article: Digital Resolutions

Well it’s January again; time to plan for the New Year… time to commit to doing all those things left undone in the old one. New Year’s resolutions, for most however, conjure up visions of treadmill inflicted collapse, dreary, tea-totalling, domestic evenings with the cat, or attempts to maintain a jittery grasp on the coffee cup in the absence of the usual stabilizing fumes wafting about one’s head. When the term resolution is utilised in the world of technology, it’s usually followed by a set of numeric values. This column will endeavour to provide an alternative perspective... continued in Media

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